about us

Ishan Metal Products Started as Complete Industries in 1961 and it incorporated as Ishan Metal Products in 1994. We at Ishan Metal Products are engaged in manufacturing of Sheet Metal Parts, Brass Turned Components and Screws. Our firm is certified by ISO 9001. We have Latest Machinery, Tools, Dies, skilled person to maintain better quality, reduce scrap and get maximum used of raw material to give competitive rate to our customers.

We are one of the most reputed and established Manufacturer of Sheet Metal Parts, Brass Turned Components & Screws, providing services to the very best reputed organizations in India as well abroad countries.

The years of experience and excellent Quality consciousness has made its own name in the file of Precision metal Parts manufacturing and supply.

  • Our Main plant at Jamnagar is having the state of art manufacturing facilities, with best machineries, in house manufacturing of brass, copper, aluminum Sheet Metal components, and Brass Turned components and fully assured quality control panel.
  • This supported by a very well organized and experienced team of highly professional and totally committed brains for fulfilling customer's implied and stated demands at a very short notice.
  • Total customer satisfaction both in quality and personalized attention, understanding and developing innovative cost effective techniques for customer benefits is the base of our foundation since years.
  • We have quality instruments to maintain the quality of our products. These Components are manufactured by experienced Engineers & Skilled workers to provide complete satisfaction to our clients.
  • ISHAN METAL PRODUCTS is a manufacturer of SHEET METAL PARTS, BRASS PRECISION TURNED BRASS COMPONENTS & SCREWS in India. By the years of experience and broad vision towards the total Quality in every aspect, company has earned its own name in the Brass Industries, worldwide.